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ME Video Game LIVE Streaming!

2012-10-23 02:04:10 by AEPfx

If you enjoy my music please check out my livestream page on twitch!
I'm always playing something. So come share the fun!

Watch my Let's Play

2012-07-12 14:22:13 by AEPfx

Come join me play Digital Devil Saga at re=plcp

Support Class?

2011-09-26 09:53:43 by AEPfx

Please support me so I can get better equipment.

My Podcast!

2011-09-23 05:01:19 by AEPfx

If you like my music hear the real me on my podcast here.
You've Been Paboned!

My Podcast!

My Crazy Mind

2011-07-08 02:15:23 by AEPfx

If you like my music like my facebook so you can get the latest updates pn my crazy mind. 8719873193448?sk=wall

More of My Music

2011-05-19 15:09:28 by AEPfx

Check out my website, there are many songs that aren't on newgrounds


2011-02-25 09:49:54 by AEPfx

If your gonna rate my stuff 0, plz dont download it haha


2010-07-15 03:14:00 by AEPfx

I am a cult classic


2010-01-15 05:08:05 by AEPfx

I'm a cult classic

Got my Mic to Work On

2009-10-01 05:17:47 by AEPfx

So get ready for real songs comin up